Haya Haifa

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The best decision I ever made was to contact Pitman and Liverpool Colleges to complete my MBA. Here I had the opportunity to study Strategic Management and Leadership - the subject area for which I have the most desire and aspiration and wish to take to degree level. The learning process was very interesting with experienced professors and staff. The first step was to get the Qualifi certificate after completing the 120 credits, by submitting 8 assignments with different subjects. And the second step is the research and the final report, in which I was connected through Liverpool Colleges with one of the best universities, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)– Cambridge & Chelmsford. The 8 assignments were by themselves a huge change on my educational background. Even though I have a bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance, but still the courses which were taken to complete Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership were relevant to my educational background, and they should fit every person despite of his/her background. The whole learning process was very practical and came out with many benefits to me and to the workplace I work at. Currently I am working on my research at ARU. Studying MBA in Entrepreneurship will help me fulfil my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur as I will get to learn how both the market and the consumer choices work. Education in an academically rigorous environment such as the UK will expose me to a whole new culture and get me one step closer to my goals. A huge thanks to Pitman and Liverpool Colleges team who allowed me to grow