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Who we work with

Liverpool Colleges works closely with a range of top UK universities, offering multiple progression routes to students. We are able to negotiate lower tuition fees and provide application assistance for entry to a number of UK and international universities. On completion of an Liverpool Training course, students have the following options available to them:

  1. Study on campus in the UK for top-up courses or direct entry to university. All of the academic courses offered by Liverpool Training.
  2. For Level 3 programmes students can apply for Undergraduate entry for a full programme, Level 6 programmes will allow entry at most Universities for full time Post Graduate study. Liverpool Colleges have direct articulation arrangements with several Universities which give full recognition for entry . Alternatively students can choose their own University It should be understood by students that these are general guidelines and students should always check the requirements with their preferred University or their local University Agent if they intend to make an application.
  3. Study by Distance Learning for top up programmes or full programmes. Many UK Universities run off campus distance learning programmes and Liverpool Training will always seek direct arrangements with these universities to accept our students. Current university progression arrangements can be viewed on the specific course pages, under ‘University top up’

Below is a list of a few UK Distance Learning providers offering Business programmes:

Edinburgh Napier University

University of Essex (BA)

University of Essex (MBA)

Leeds Beckett University

Northumbria University

University of Derby Online Learning 

If you require more information regarding the possible progression routes.