Stage 2: Study the course module

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This is the stage when learners are expected to learn the essential information related to their qualification modules. All students are required to successfully complete all performance and assessment requirements for this stage. The learning supports which are available: 

  • Student Portal - students receive access details to begin learning on the student portal. The access to rich contents in modules and lessons with formative assessment and tests which are designed to consolidate learning.
  • Recorded Webinars (External Experts) – Students shall have access to recorded webinars related to the learning outcomes. The webinars shall enhance students’ abilities in critical evaluation and analysis – this is designed to offer the international perspective in business.
  • Recorded Webinars (Local Experts) - The student shall have access to recorded webinars developed by local experts to enhance the local focus and develop learners’ awareness of business from a local contextual perspective.
  • Distance Learning Sessions – Timely live sessions to offer learners a chance to discuss critical business components. Such sessions shall have an international dimension. Tutors from local , regional and international countries are invited to participate in these sessions. 
  • Coaching support – The coaching is intended to focus on each learner individual learning needs. Learners shall have access to our expert and specialist coaches to overcome their learning challenges. Coaching is designed for those students who have successfully completed their stage 1 and proceeded with their assignments in stage 2.
  • Peers Learning (Networking) – This activity aims to help our learners connect with their peers to exchange learning experience and to improve networking among participants from all region. This is also a platform to meet top regional experts.
  • Tutor Support – Each learner will have access to an academic tutor who shall respond to each specific question. All questions and answers shall be published on a portal for all learners to benefit from.
  • English Language and Academic Writing support – each learner shall have access to rich resources and receive training to develop his/her skills in preparation to good written assignments and research.
  • Formative assessment: Each learner must complete tests for each module and demonstrate an ability to move on to stage 3.