Convert Your Work Experience into University Credits.

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Claim credits for your previous work experience.

Work Experience

RPL is the recognition of non-certified learning towards a full unit or a qualification. You can now use your last 3 years experience transferred into qualifications.

Recognising Learning

Evidence portfolio-based, assignment based and 'summative assessment' interview-based options to assess your prior learnings to issue credits.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Receive your assessment and credit for the qualifications within 30-45 days of applying. Partial RPL from a qualification can fast-track your certification.


Simple Process

1.   Pre-Assessment

We charge £25 to get your preliminary assessment started. Once the order is completed, our system will create a ticket with a unique ID for your case.

2.  RPL Process

Once the preliminary assessment is completed, we will be in touch with you requesting additional details and we will schedule an interview that lasts for 15 minutes. You are required to submit the additional details during this time.

3.   Acceptance and Deliver

Once the assessment is completed, the certificate issuance will start. This process usually takes about 1-2 weeks. You will receive your certificate in the mail.