Stage 3: Assessment

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  • Assignments: each student who has successfully completed stage 1 shall be receiving all assignments to begin his/her formal summative assessment. In order to pass, each student must satisfy all the assessment criterial for each assignment.
  • Coaching Support: all students shall receive timely and scheduled coaching to help them complete the assignments prior to the assessment by our approved assessors. Individual scheduled one-one coaching shall be scheduled to respond to individual learning needs.
  • Internal Verifier- Each assignment shall be reviewed by our internal verifier prior to submission to ensure each learner’s compliance with the indicative assessment criteria and requirements before submission to the Assessors (The Internal Verifier does not offer feedback on the assignment credibility or accuracy of the tasks content). The Internal verifier main role is to check the assessor compliance in the assessment of students’ submissions in complete alignment to the Awarding Body assessment requirements.
  • Feedback: Assessors who mark the assignments shall give feedback for re-submission or to help improvement in future assignments.